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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Overland Expo 2015

My staff and I had the great pleasure of teaching at Oveland Expo again this year south of Flagstaff. We had two days of mud, snow, and rain but, as always, a great crowd of enthusiastic explorers from around the globe. We taught numerous classes on bushcraft, basic survival, and emergency kits along with having a chance to scope out the latest Overland gear and vehicle hardware. Gracious hosts Jonathan and Roseann Hanson must not sleep a wink during the entire weekend with all they have planned during this event and with the arrival of thousands of participants pouring into Mormon Lake (whose diameter increased considerably in about 24 hours!).

An amazing rig with rooftop tent parked nearby amongst hundreds of such vehicles that were in attendance.
Vehicle extrication skills and rigging systems were some of the many workshops participants could register for during the three-day event.

There were many vintage vehicles present whose design and durability was a wonder to observe.
For those on the East Coast, the Expo will be running their 3-day event in North Carolina in October. For more info, check out Overland Expo.

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